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October 27, 2017

The Importance of Car Registration

importance of car registrationWhat is so important about car registration? Well, it verifies two things: ownership and that the vehicle is street legal. With the provided sticker, registration is proven at a glance. Information displayed includes county of registration, plate number and shortened/incomplete VIN (vehicle identification number). This unique set is a safeguard against theft and even fraud. Registration is a safe measure for owners in addition to being a legal requirement. The process of registering is easy.

How to register a vehicle in four simple steps:

  1. Go to your local tax office
  2. Fill out this form: Texas Certificate of Title (form code130-U)
  3. Show proof of personal identity, proof of auto insurance, auto inspection and vehicle ownership
  4. Make your payment (standard fee plus any additional fees that may apply)

Auto registration is good for the entire month of the displayed expiration date. For example, if your sticker shows 10/17, then your vehicle is covered through the entire month of October 2017. This allows you as the owner some flexibility for taking steps necessary to obtain your registration renewal.

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