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The Referral Program

Public Automotive Group
January 13, 2022

At Public we value that you chose us for your vehicle provider.  We would love to say thanks by giving you the opportunity to take money off of your current contract.  This is why we have created our Referral Program.  It’s a win-win for both you and us.  To find out just how much money you can save, take note of the following reference of when you refer someone to purchase a car from any of our Texas locations.

1st-3rd Referral Purchase: $150.00 Each
4th and 5th Referral Purchase: $250.00 Each
6th and 7th Referral Purchase: $300.00 Each
8th and 9th Referral Purchase: $400.00 Each
10th Referral Purchase: $500.00

Then repeat.

Each time we verify your referral purchase you will see the indicated value be subtracted from your current contract.  Essentially you can save $2850 + on your vehicle.

And always remember, Trust The Shield.