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August 30, 2017
Pros and Cons of MinivanMinivans: they’re definitely not just for soccer moms anymore! The used minivan, in particular, offers many benefits, and on a practical level, it probably has more notches in the “pro” column than an SUV. Yes, it’s true! The biggest benefits relate to ease of use. For instance, because of their low ground clearance, minivans are easy to get in and out of — a big deal when you’re trying to transport toddlers and all their gear. Storage is also key, when it comes to minivans. Here are the top advantages of buying a used minivan: Sliding doors. It is such a simple concept, yet so wonderful. You hit a button and they open or close if you so desire. If someone parks too close to you at the mall, you can still slink [...]
August 23, 2017

convertible carIf you are considering purchasing a convertible car, here are three signs that this might be the best decision for you.

Convertibles are fun. Driving a convertible is the kind of fun that doesn’t rely on speed or handling; even driving a slow convertible can be engaging. There’s nothing better than being out in the elements while still being in your car…the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, the smell of nature instead of the chill of air conditioning. When you have a convertible you’ll look for opportunities to drive; a beautiful day is amplified by a nice drive in your droptop.

Convertibles are versatile. Most convertibles can easily be transformed back into a coupe or sedan with the push of a button. This versatility allows you to have the best of [...]

August 16, 2017

advantages of vehicle maintenanceAre you considering purchasing a new car, but feeling unsure about whether this is a financially feasible decision or not? Check out our tips to get a handle on your options!

  1. Okay, so can you afford a new car? This one is actually pretty easy. You can only afford a new car if your income is at least 10X the value of the car you wish to purchase. This is known as the Financial Samurai 1/10th rule.  If you make less than 10X the value of the car, then you are hurting your finances.
  2. How much could you potentially save in gas? If your old car guzzles gas like nobody’s business, it’s time to upgrade! Research the current price of gas and compare the various gas mileages and miles per [...]
August 10, 2017
chevrolet aveoAre you about to travel long-distance by car? If so, you need to follow these tips! Get in some good sleep. Think about exhaustion before you begin your journey, not after. Get at least seven hours of sleep for two consecutive nights before the road trip to build up your energy reserves. That way, you’ll feel your best when you’re traveling, which is important. Fuel your body – and your car! Carry along a variety of vitamin-packed, healthy foods on your drive! That way, you don’t have to stop for fast food, and you can ingest smaller snacks throughout the long drive. We love nuts, carrots, hummus – these are the perfect snacks for long trips in the car. And of course, don’t forget to fuel up your car the night before you head out. Stay [...]
July 30, 2017

Car maintenance apps have three main categories of features:

  • Vehicle Maintenance Apps AdvantagesAutomatic crash detection and roadside assistance – If you get into a car accident, the app will send out an alert on your phone to 911 and your predefined emergency contacts. This can be incredibly handy!
  • Vehicle health diagnostics – The app tracks conditions such as engine codes, battery drain, fluids, and more, helping with preventative car maintenance. Talk about a huge benefit.
  • Real-time location monitoring – From finding your car quickly in a parking lot, to geo-fencing a teen driver to tracking a stolen vehicle, this app features help you know where your car is.

Most connected car maintenance apps offer a combination of these main benefits in some fashion. Other possible tools include standalone GPS mapping, remote lock/unlock, [...]

July 18, 2017


best used carHey you! If you were thinking about buying a house, wouldn’t you want to know if it had a damaged foundation, had problems that were badly repaired or was much older than the owner claimed? Of course you would! A vehicle history report serves a similar purpose for buying a used car — exposing past problems — and it’s a must for smart shoppers. What’s on the report?

A vehicle history report tells you everything a prospective buyer needs to know about a car’s past. Keep in mind, though, that the report doesn’t tell you the current mechanical condition of the car. However, since it tells you how it’s been treated, you get a pretty good idea of the current condition and the value of the car. All this information indicates — without [...]

July 15, 2017

Best Luxury SUVs and CrossoversEven in tough economic times, people demand luxury. And why shouldn’t they?

Auto manufacturers have responded to demand with some truly spectacular vehicles. The point of entry for luxury SUVs has to include a list of standard features, including:

  • Leather seating surfaces
  • Heated front seats (ventilated seats are a big plus, too)
  • Real wood or metal interior trim
  • Upsized alloy wheels
  • High levels of fit and finish, inside and out
  • High levels of interior sound dampening
  • Powertrain refinement
  • Six-speed or more automatic transmission
  • State of the art safety equipment
  • High-end electronics options

Each of the vehicles on our list has these key features, and some even have more as part of their standard equipment. The vehicles on this list have been selected based on their overall excellence within [...]

July 10, 2017

Car Buying MistakeA used car’s value depends on a number of factors, including age, mileage, options and condition. For any used car there are two prices: retail and wholesale. The retail price is always higher. It’s what you can expect to pay for the car at a dealership. If you’re buying from a private seller, the retail price will be somewhat lower. The wholesale price, also known as trade-in value, is what a dealer will pay for the vehicle, which will then be resold at a higher price for a profit.

The first step in assessing a used vehi­cle’s true worth is to check its book value. This is the figure provided by pricing publications and websites. These guides will give you a general idea of [...]

June 30, 2017

Used Car Trade ins Money Saving SecretsAre you preparing to trade in your used car? Congrats! But, first: it’s important to know how to save money on your trade-in.

There are several things you can do to maximize the value of your trade-in:

  • The appearance of your vehicle is an important consideration when the used-car manager estimates its value.
  • If your car needs repairs, it could help to get an estimate to take with you. This could provide a little bargaining power when the dealer’s estimator starts deducting repair costs from the figure offered to you.
  • Try to sell your car to a used-car dealer. They’re always looking for clean, low-mileage vehicles for their lot. And if yours is a popular model, you just might be able to get [...]
June 22, 2017

5 Signs That It's Time for a New (Used) CarThinking about getting a new (used) car? Here are a few signs that it’s time to invest in a used car.

A poor fit

What do you do with clothes that don’t fit anymore? Toss out, donate, or sell them, right? Well we’d suggest the latter for a car that no longer fits you. Maybe your family is growing and you need a larger vehicle to fit them; or perhaps your new job has a longer commute and you need something more economical. Either way, you need a car that works for you.

You don’t feel safe

These days, new cars are incredibly safe. Even cars from the 2000s can’t compare to most new vehicles. The safety technology [...]

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